February 2017

Learner-Centered Marketing

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In Mark Quinn’s article Teach Customers Why They Need A Product Before Trying To Sell It To Them he says: “When businesses blindly assume that their prospects already have the information they need and are simply making a choice between brands, they shift from a learning-focused mindset to a [...]

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January 2017

Read Ahead Launches New Product Enhancements

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www.ReadAhead.Education Software empowers teachers to reinforce academic language using any content Click to Enlarge: Read Ahead Version 2.0 Dashboard Norcross, Ga., January 9, 2017 — Read Ahead Version 2.0 launched with several new product enhancements designed to help elementary, middle and high school teachers maximize in-class reading time. [...]

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November 2015

Online Course Design Webinar for Theological Schools

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Next week, Full Tilt Ahead's CEO, Roxanne Russell, will present a webinar on Online Course Design for In Trust,  a center that provides guidance for governance and institutional capacity to Theological Schools.

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