January 2014

Lecture Capture: Echo 360

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We are implementing an A/V content management and lecture capture system at Emory University, Echo 360.Echo360 allows users to schedule and record lectures and presentations from their desks (personal capture), the classroom (podium/classroom and system capture) or outside source (media import). All content managed in Echo360 can be made available [...]

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November 2013

Reinventing Education, Anant Agarwal Keynote at Sloan-C #aln13

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Sloan C Friday Keynote: Anant Agarwal from edXhttps://www.edx.orga $60 million investment from MIT and HarvardCompared to large classrooms/lecture halls, students often prefer virtual contact with instructors-Feels more personalized, learning in a way that is customized to their needsOn campus education hasn't changed in centuries- lecture, podiums, neat rows-30% of students [...]

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Sloan C Online Learning Conference 2013 #aln13

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Attending Daphne Koller's keynote session: The Online Revolution: Learning without Limits. Koller was a member of the team who launched the Stanford MOOC experiment. She founded Coursera, the leading forum for MOOCs and a catalyst in the MOOC explosion.https://www.coursera.orgShe demonstrates an interactive method- in video quizzes- that allows every student [...]

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October 2013

Questions for Faculty on Online Course Content

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Your Creations How will you design? Storyboard? How do you plan to organize? What is your course integration plan? Can you create modular pieces to be reused in different contexts? What is your development schedule? What is your expected development time? What tools do you need for production? What support [...]

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June 2013

Review of College Unbound by Jeffrey J. Selingo

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College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students by Jeffrey J. SelingoMy rating: 3 of 5 starsFor someone who follows the Chronicle of Higher Ed or popular coverage of higher ed in general, there is not much new or surprising here. But Selingo personalizes and [...]

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O Go Biblios 75

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Ally's chapter "Foundations of Educational Theory for Online Learning" in Athabasca University's free web book Theory and Practice of Online Learning provides a very useful summary of the three major theoretical frameworks of learning and shows how they can all be used to offer effective online learning. It is impressive to [...]

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April 2013

Known knowns & Unknown unknowns

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Last year I was invited to give a presentation at the Center for Instructional Innovation at Georgia State University. This presentation was for faculty who want to improve the quality of their online discussions. I pulled together some strategies I have used over the years- many prompted by faculty development [...]

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March 2013

How Thiagi helped me catch a thief

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A few weeks ago I was excited about an upcoming dinner date with Thiagi (to know him is to love him, to not know him is a shame- Google him). I wanted to look back in my blog to a couple of entries I had made about him- one from [...]

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February 2013

Social Networking Tools to Support a Community of Practice in China

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This post offers a summary of a project with L. Roxanne Russell, David E. Stone, Qi Wang & Xiaoxue Wang. A presentation of this material is available to subscribers at 2006, a Chinese professional organization in the field of conservation education , Chinese Conservation Educators Association (CCEA)*, joined with a conservation-education [...]

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Culture, Values & Ethical Standards

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This post summarizes research and reflections on cultural dynamics in values and ethical standards related to education.Several researchers have provided critical analysis of educational or pedagogical values across cultures (Bentley, Tinney & Chia, 2004; Ku, Pan, Tsai, Tao & Cornell, 2004; Loewer, 2003; Zhang, 2010). These analytical approaches often rely [...]

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